If your child gets a “Percocet” from a friend at school or online, they may not realize the pill could be fake and laced with deadly fentanyl. These days, fentanyl — a powerful, cheap and easy-to-make synthetic opioid — is pressed into pills and sold as everything from Oxycodone to Xanax to Adderall.

It only takes one “fentapill” to kill, and they’re showing up at schools, on social media, and on neighborhood streets.

Fentapills are the main reason fentanyl is involved in 79% of Gen Z drug deaths.

When jobs slow down and school takes a break, it’s the perfect time to celebrate family and help them thrive year-round. Song For Charlie, the leading fentanyl awareness nonprofit, encourages you to host a Holiday Huddle at your home over the winter break by watching its short The New Drug Talk video with your family.

With 30 minutes, you could save the life of someone you love.

Post-Video Conversation Starters

  • “What story or fact did you find most surprising?”
  • “Why do you think teens rate fentanyl as less dangerous than cocaine or heroin, even though it’s much more deadly?”
  • “Why do you think some young people take pills they didn’t get from a pharmacist?”
  • “Do you see drugs at school?”
  • “Do you feel like you can talk to friends and family about fentanyl? If not, what would have to change?”