One of the healthiest ways to manage stress and blow off steam is with regular exercise. Physical activity is not only good for your heart but good for your head; releasing endorphins, clearing the mind, and improving cognitive function.

Exercising has many benefits on our mental health including:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Improves mood
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Aids sleep and memory

It is important that you are exercising for enjoyment, to feel healthy and good. That means finding out how you like to move – whether it be going for a casual daily walk, pushing your physical limits on a run, or playing a sport, make sure the activity is bringing joy and happiness to you.


Here are just a few of the many ways to exercise to try and help relieve your stress; don’t give up on exercise if one thing isn’t for you:

  • Yoga (try different varieties!)

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • Running, jogging or even walking

  • Swimming

  • Sports (look into local or school teams/clubs/classes)


Remember to start slow with light exercise and gradually build up to harder intensity. Be sure to listen to your mind and body.

Lastly, exercise can also be a great way to form friendships and find a community. Take advantage of the built-in camaraderie of shared interests.


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