SFC currently has staff/volunteers in CA, OR, TX, PA, IL, and are working to expand to other states. If you are interested in having SFC present to your school or youth-based organization, please complete the below form and we will get back to you.

SFC presenters will share the story of losing their child to fentanyl, educate the audience on how today’s street drug supply is much more dangerous than ever before, and share what they wish they had known.

SFC presentations typically require 45-50 minutes; 30-35 minutes for a presentation, and the remainder for Q&As and discussion.

The presentation is PowerPoint based with embedded video. The organization would be required to set up the audio/video for the event and provide SFC with at least one microphone.

SFC will provide a trained speaker who can share their experience of losing a loved one to fentanyl, and who can educate the audience on what is happening with the introduction of synthetic opioids into today’s street drug scene.

SFC’s talk will focus on the dangers of fentanyl in pills and other drugs and is a stand-alone presentation. If you would like SFC to present with other experts (law enforcement, counselors, etc), prior approval is required.