Finding ways to express ourselves helps our mental health by allowing us to use different outlets to convey our emotions that might be too hard to express otherwise.

young woman model with denim jacket and bright flowers

There are so many ways to express yourself and finding the ways that best suit you can help you get what’s bottled up inside of you out in a healthy manner.

  • Journal – out your feelings – good or bad, it helps us think things through, be intentional, and process what is going on. Writing in any form can be extremely therapeutic – try poetry, writing letters to friends/family or creating a story!

  • Music – whether it is song writing, playing an instrument, singing, dancing, or just listening to music; music is a great way to express yourself. Create playlists that can match your moods, help you feel understood or get you out of a funk.

  • Art – drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, crafts, woodworking, and many other art forms provide creative outlets for self-expression. Even if you don’t feel you are artistic, creating something from your hands, head and heart is a special way to express yourself, reduce anxiety, and have a project to complete.

  • Fashion – another way to express yourself is through your clothes and what you carry with you. Wear what makes you feel good, what brings you comfort, and what brings you joy (or reminds you of the joy in your life) – you may just inspire others to do the same. Here are a few ideas of how you can express yourself and help others through what you wear:

  • – be an advocate for mental health, start a conversation on why mental health matters

  • – find all things happy and reminders of what makes your life good

  • – walk with pride in your stride and show off causes that matter to you on your socks

  • Accessorize your water bottle, phone cases, and backpacks with stickers, pins, and patches that represent you

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