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  • “Social Norms in the Context of Fentanyl Awareness” – You’ve heard that scare tactics are not an effect approach to drug education. What is a good alternative? The social norms approach flips the narrative and educates by sharing healthy truths that can influence the behavior of the target audience. We are excited to hear from social norms experts H. Wesley Perkins and Michal Haines, who will discuss the evidence-based social norms approach and how it can be used for drug/fentanyl education and awareness.
  • The New Drug Talk: “Connect to Protect” – Our kids face a drug landscape that is more dangerous than ever, as potent chemicals like fentanyl are used to make counterfeit pills and other drugs that young people can find online, on campus or on the block. At a time when many are struggling with stress and anxiety, self-medication and experimentation can result in tragedy, even the first, second or third time. To help them stay safe, parents and caregivers need to talk to our kids about drug use and mental wellness in new ways. This can be an uncomfortable topic, but it is one we can no longer avoid. It’s time to have the New Drug Talk, and now there is a place to go for tools and advice on how to get started. The New Drug Talk: Connect to Protect is an online resource hub developed by the nonprofit Song for Charlie, in partnership with the California Department of Healthcare Services, that is packed with videos, talking points, and supportive tips to help parents and caregivers get comfortable connecting with their kids and discussing these critical issues.