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Beaverton School District

Thank you to Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon for allowing us to share these important resources. If you’d like to organize your own campaign and would like access their social posts, graphics and logos, email

Beaverton School District Website (updated summer 2023) includes:

Fake & Fatal

  • Middle School Lesson Designed to be taught during one class period, approximately 45 minutes.

  • High School Lesson Designed for 1 class session, which is approximately 60-90 minutes depending on how much discussion is generated.

  • Mini Lesson Designed to be used in an Advisory class could range from 15-30 minutes depending on how much discussion occurs.

  • Teachers Guide Fake & Fatal – Health 2 Lesson Plan

  • Cal’s Story Meet Jennifer and Jon Epstein who lost also their son, Cal, to fentanyl poisoning. Watch Fake and Fatal: Cal’s Story.

CLEAR Alliance

FREE Counterfeit Pill Education Course

40-Minute Counterfeit Pill education and critical thinking course. Learn about the dangers of fake pills, and the effects of opioids on heath. Pre and post quizzes included. For youth (5th grade and above), parents, guardians, schools, and public service professionals seeking CEU’s. Maybe used for prevention or intervention purposes.

  • 5 lessons: 40 minute online course

  • For teen and adult learners (5th grade and above)

  • Independent learning, self-paced program

  • Built-in knowledge checks

  • 40 minutes of continuing education credits

  • Certificate is emailed upon successful completion

Ad Council High School Lessons

Natural High

Natural High Fentanyl Toolkit

  • Fentanyl PSA Lesson- 6-minute video with four discussion questions for grades 6-12.

  • Fentapill Lesson- lesson educates kids grades 6-12 on the prevalence and dangers of counterfeit prescription pills.